The theft of time - in praise of my iBuddha

There is an entity inside every computer ever assembled whose sole object is to steal your time. I regard him as a sort of Buddha and he is represented for me by a small cast iron figure from Hyderabad who sits by my Mac. Perhaps I should refer to him as iBuddha. iBuddha is a huge source of consolation at times of computer stress. Computers do tremendous stuff, but from time to time they rout your timetable with illogical problems. I get genuine relief when I’m grappling with computer-, or should that be iBuddha-, time theft in acknowledging the fellow, yes, you’re getting my time but we both know that I’ll achieve my object in the end. He sits there placidly, with his smile and his fat belly - there must be lots of calories in time.

So it was with loading my iPoxy web site. The reloads should be easy now but they aren’t, no doubt to the satisfaction of my rotund friend. I doubt if he cares about meta-tags and banners and search engine optimisation. He doesn’t mind how he gets his time.